Martin S Olivier
MSc, PhD, BA (Hons), MPhil, CCFP

Professor: Computer Science
University of Pretoria
South Africa

Martin S Olivier


This part of the site is currently undergoing a massive overhaul; please look at the work in progress. Once activities return to normal recent papers will again be listed here.

  • May 2014: The bibliographic database is currently seeing continual overhaul. Other minor site changes are also being made. Note that the list of forthcoming conferences is to be discontinued; time simply does not allow frequent updates; it has also become harder to distinguish between some open access conferences and pure predatory conferences...
  • 13 July 13: Various updates
  • 8 December 12: Updated list of publications & list of students
  • 7 September 11: Updated list of students who graduated
  • 10 August 11: Updated list of students

Updates to this site as well as some other news snippets will be announced on

Mariëtte's contribution recognised through the Dira Sengwe Leadership in AIDS Award, June 2017

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